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The Cam Motion Cam Timer

Cam Timer Valve Event Calculator

Cam Motion is happy to provide our handy Cam Motion Cam Timer  camshaft valve-event calculator free for download to engine builders, racers & enthusiasts.

This quick and handy camshaft valve event calculator is quick to pull up and easy to use. You can change any of the fields (except for overlap) and all of the other fields will automatically update after clicking the update button. You can open multiple instances of this application at once, so comparing a few different profiles is easy.

This windows application download is contained in a .zip file. Merely download the .zip file using the link below, unzip the file and it is ready to go. Enjoy!

Download the Cam Motion Cam Timer camshaft valve event calculator

Be sure to share this free Cam Timer with your fellow performance industry professionals and technical minded racers and enthusiasts.

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