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Camaro Camshafts

camero camshafts


If you are looking for a high performance cam or racing camshaft for your LS or Gen 5 LT1 equipped Camaro, Cam Motion has you covered. We offer Camaro cams and valve train components for 4th Gen and 5th Gen Camaros as well as earlier models retrofitted with LS style engines.

4th Gen LS1 Camaros

From the day that the 4th generation Camaros hit the streets, it was obvious that the Gen 3 LS1 engine had changed the performance landscape forever. And, it did not take long for enthusiast to learn just how much additional power was available with a properly designed high performance camshaft. Whether you are a hardcore racer or a performance enthusiast who drives his Camaro daily, Cam Motion can provide the perfect camshaft for your application.

5th Gen LS3 & L99 Camaros

When Chevrolet stopped production of the Camaro in 2002 many thought it was the end of the great and venerable Camaro. Fortunately for performance enthusiast, the Camaro was brought back in 2009 with the new and even more powerful Gen 4 engine platform option. Whether you have the LS3, L99, LSA equipped ZL1 or even the LS7 equipped Z28, Cam Motion has high performance camshaft and valve train options for your Camaro.

Get the Correct Camshaft with Cam Motion

Now that the LS powered Camaros have been around for over 15 years, the performance aftermarket has provided a nearly endless menu of possible performance upgrades. In the early days, installing LS6 heads, cam and intake on the LS1 for extra performance was the hot setup. Now, there is an endless number of possible cylinder head, intake manifold, displacements or forced induction setups to consider. So, if you have a custom combination, don’t just put any old cam in your Camaro that “should work”, get a camshaft that is perfect for your unique combination. Call Cam Motion to discuss the correct camshaft and supporting valve train for your Camaro today.

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