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Gen 5 LT Camshafts

Cam Motion Gen 5 LT CamshaftsCam Motion’s Gen 5 LT camshafts are optimized for superior performance, these cams utilize our renowned smooth, quiet and powerful cam lobes that are known throughout the LS community for quiet valve-train operation and maximum upper RPM stability. Cam Motion Gen 5 LT Camshafts are 5150 steel alloy. All Cam Motion Gen 5 LT cams are equipped with our .295" tall fuel lobe (commonly referred to as the "33% increase lobe"). This higher lift fuel lobe will help your direct injection mechanical fuel pump deliver the increased fuel volume your vehicle needs for high performance use.

IMPORTANT NOTE WHEN CHOOSING YOUR GEN LT CAMSHAFT: Depending on application, Cam Motion offers both VVT style and Deleted VVT style Gen 5 LT cams. Cam Motion VVT style cams are designed for use with the factory VVT phaser which has been modified with either our VVT Phaser Lock Block or our VVT Phaser Limiter Block. Cam Motion Gen 5 LT Deleted VVT Camshafts are designed for applications where the VVT phaser will NOT BE USED. With Cam Motion Deleted VVT cams. an LS style camshaft timing gear will be used. To use an LS style timing gear, you will need our special VVT Delete, Billet Front Timing Cover. Failure to use the correct Cam Motion accessories with the proper corresponding camshaft can result in serious or catastrophic engine damage. For more information, contact Cam Motion technical support.