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GMC & Chevrolet Truck Camshafts



The LS style V8 powered GMC & Chevrolet trucks provide their owners extraordinary power. Cam Motion’s performance Chevy & GMC truck cams will reward truck enthusiasts with even more. From street performance and off-road to towing and hauling, a well-designed performance cam can make your GM truck perform even better. Regardless of whether you have the 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 or 6.2 liter gasoline engine, we have Chevy truck cams and GMC truck cams that can help turn your truck into an asphalt tearing animal or dirt slinging beast.

“Drop In” GM Truck Camshafts

Cam Motion “Drop-In” camshafts are a great choice for truck enthusiasts who want to unlock the hidden power in their gasoline powered Sierra, Silverado or heavy duty GM truck. Drop-In cams can provide substantial horsepower gains of up to 30-40 horsepower while retaining OEM drivability and reliability. If you are ready unleash the beast, call Cam Motion to learn more about our Drop-In camshafts today.

GMC & Chevrolet Truck High Performance Camshafts

Once upon a time the most popular camshafts for trucks were the old “RV cams”. These days, truck enthusiasts have taken performance to the edge in everything from drag racing and circle track racing to mud bogging and Baja racing. So when we get a call for a “Chevy truck cam”, we are ready to create something serious. If you are ready to get serious with your GM gasoline powered truck, Cam Motion is looking forward to hearing from you. Give us a call today to discuss your high performance truck camshaft and valve train needs.

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