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ls1-camshafts.jpgCam Motion manufactures superior quality, high performance and racing LS1 camshafts for the GM / Chevrolet Gen 3 engine. Whether you need a mild performance LS1 camshaft or a full race LS1 cam, we have complete valve train solutions. We carry a full line of top quality valve train products for your LS1 such as: camshafts, lifters, pushrods, rocker arms, springs, retainers, locks, timing sets and more.

The Gen III LS1

From the very beginning the Gen 3 LS1 stunned the performance world with its outstanding performance. Since it retained the familiar pushrod design, upgrading the LS1's camshaft quickly became the go to mod. Soon, “Cammed” LS1 cars became an undeniable force on the performance scene.


Evolution of the Performance LS1 Camshaft

Since the introduction of the LS1 in 1997, there have been countless trends for racing and performance LS1 cams. Vendors & enthusiasts have tried everything from unusual cam timing specifications to violent lobe designs in an effort to get more power. No matter the combination, the same tried and true principles proved what the experts at Cam Motion have known all along: A properly designed cam with the correct valve events and smooth, stable lobe design always makes the most power and has the best reliability.

Get 40+ Years of Championship Winning Experience for Your LS1

Trends might be great for fashion, but if you want superior quality, accuracy and performance, go with experience. Get a Cam Motion camshaft for your LS1. The most knowledgeable engine builders and performance enthusiasts use Cam Motion and here are the key reasons you should too:

  • 40 years of Championship Winning Experience
  • Your Choice of 8620, 8660 or 5150 Camshaft Cores
  • Quiet, Smooth & Powerful Lobe Design
  • Virtually Unlimited Lift and Duration Combinations
  • Polished Lobes For Quiet Operation
  • Cam Doctor Printout to Assure Accuracy Provided with All Cams
  • The Industry's Best Customer Service

When you want superior quality, accuracy and performance for your LS1, get a Cam Motion LS1 camshaft.

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