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Become a Cam Motion Dealer!


secondary-image-wholesale-1.jpgCam Motion offers custom cam manufacturing services to engine builders, tuners, and performance shops at discounted pricing. Private label cams can be manufactured for customers who would like to market and sell their own custom cams. Your cams will have your brand name and lobe numbers and be shipped in your boxes or we can supply white boxes.

Truly Custom Camshaft Designs to Meet Your Customer's Exact Needs

When you put your name on a product, it should meet your exact criteria. At Cam Motion, you can get exactly what you want. We can design custom lobes to your specifications or we can recommend the correct lobe profile for your unique applications. No more searching through lobe catalogs trying to find a lobe that meets your criteria. We make durations at .050" ranging from 193 degrees to 282 degrees in one degree increments and in .005" lift increments. Just tells us what you need and we will design the optimum lobe for your application.

secondary-image-wholesale-2a.jpgSuperior Materials Means a Better Product

Cam Motion offers 3 different steel alloy camshaft cores to meet your quality and price point criteria:

  • 8620 Carburized Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum Camshafts
  • 8660 Induction Hardened Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum Camshafts
  • 5150 Induction Hardened Chromium Camshafts

Learn More About Cam Motion's Cam Cores

Superior Quality You Can Build a Reputation On

Cam Motion is known for superior quality. When you sell our top quality product, you will be too. Here is what you can expect when you choose Cam Motion as your camshaft manufacturer:

  • 30 years of Championship Winning Experience
  • Your Choice of 8620, 8660 or 5150 Steel Alloy Cam Cores
  • Quiet, Smooth & Powerful Lobe Design
  • Virtually Unlimited Lift and Duration Combinations
  • Polished Lobes For Quiet Operation
  • Cam Doctor Printout to Assure Accuracy Provided with All Cams
  • Fast Turnaround on Custom Cams
  • Custom Engraving of Your Company's Name and Numbers on the Camshaft
  • Packaging In Your Boxes or Plain White Boxes That You Can Label

Sell a superior product, contact Cam Motion to discuss pricing.